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Famed archeologist, Giuseppe Orefici, has been excavating the ceremonial center of the Nasca Civilization - Cahauchi - for over forty years.

Giuseppe Orefici, the Italian archeologist who has dedicated 40 years of his career to learning about the Nasca culture, is convinced that his excavation of Cahauchi will answer the question of who built the Nazca Lines. 

According to the BBC:

It’s no secret that the lines were built from removing the red rock on top, but how did the Nasca build the images so flawlessly if they could only be viewed from above? 

The current theory is that the Nasca applied their skills as master weavers to build the lines.  They took small images and blew them up, just as they would have done on their looms (but on a much greater scale). 

The next question is what do the lines mean?  The newest theory is that the straight lines linked the people to water.  One thing is clear: on his quest to learn the purpose behind the Nazca lines, Orefici is learning a great deal about the Nasca people.

Media Credits

Photograph, courtesy of Terrae Antiqvae.

Information, courtesy BBC Horizons.


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