Glienicke Bridge Where Spies Were Exchanged

This image depicts the Glienicke Bridge—also known as the "Bridge of Spies"—where Eastern powers and Western powers exchanged spies during the Cold-War era.

The exchange of Rudolf Abel (a Soviet spy whose real name was William "Willy" Fisher) for Francis Gary Powers (a U-2 pilot flying a reconnaissance mission over Soviet territory on behalf of the CIA) took place on February 10, 1962. This image reportedly depicts a scene from that event.

Before the two men were actually exchanged, officials from both sides met in the middle of the bridge.

When it was time for the actual release of Abel (Fisher) and Powers, they crossed the bridge, from their respective sides, passing each as they walked toward their side of the border.

As later reported by both James Donovan and Rudolf Abel, the men did not look at each other as they made their way across the bridge.

Media Credits

AP Photo by unnamed photographer. Online via Russian-language websites. Fair Use for educational purposes.


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