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Someone is buried in a grave near the Kirklees Priory gatehouse.  Legends say the grave belongs to Robin Hood.

Little John (as the story goes) helped his friend, Robin Hood, to send one last arrow from his famous bow.  Wherever the arrow landed, Little John would bury Robin Hood.  The grave site is sixty yards from the gatehouse. 

Was it possible for Robin Hood (or any dying man) to shoot an arrow that far?  Barbara Green, a Robin Hood expert, gives us her opinion:

Robin's grave, 60 yards from the (Kirklees) gatehouse - thought to be an improbable arrow shot for a dying man - is, today, neglected and overgrown and enclosed in rusted, twisted iron railings, erected in Victorian times.

What inscription is written on the grave? 

Hear Underneath this laitl Stean
Laz robert earl of Huntingtun
Ne'er arcir ver as hie sa geud
And pipl kauld im robin heud
Sick utlawz az hi an iz men
Vil england nivr si agen

Translating, to modern English, the inscription means:

Here beneath this little stone
Lays Robert Earl of Huntingdon
Never was an archer so good as he
And people called him Robin Hood
Such outlaws as he and his men
Will England never see again

No one knows for sure, of course, whether this is really Robin Hood's grave.  But ... it's fun to speculate (as so many historians and experts have done throughout the ages).

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