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This illustration, created nearly two centuries after the Gunpowder Plot unraveled, depicts an artist’s interpretation of Guy Fawkes’ arrest on the 5th of November, 1605. It bears this title:

The Seizing of Guy Fawkes who was going to blow up the Parliament House, in the reign of James the first, 1606

Included in Thornton’s New History of London and Westminster (1784), the original drawing was created by Samuel Wale ("one of the most prolific book illustrators of the eighteenth century") sometime before 1784. The colorized copper engraving was made by William Thornton and published by Alexander Hogg.

Curators at the British Museum tell us more about the specifics of this image:

Two men, one holding a torch, taking Guy Fawkes by the wrists as he emerges from a cellar below the House of Lords, holding a dark lantern and staring aghast at Sir Thomas Knevet, who stands to right, directing the men; in a neo-classical frame...

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Media Credits

The image, described above, includes additional marks of identification. Above the image are these words:


London Published by Alexr. Hogg at the Kings Arms, No. 16 Paternoster Row

 Below the image are these words:


Wale delin. / Thornton Sculp.

Image online via eBay.



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