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The White House released this photograph in November of 1962 to celebrate the birthdays of Caroline and John Kennedy, Jr. Photo by White-House photographer Cecil Stoughton. Online via the JFK Presidential Library and Museum.


Jack and Jackie Kennedy were loving parents who adored their children. Mrs. Kennedy did not like leaving Caroline and John behind, especially overnight. But the Texas trip was important and had been planned for several months. The political benefits were expected to outweigh the drawbacks of a short separation.

America's national archives contain a wealth of photographs and videos depicting the First Family. Some of the pictures are famous; others have rarely been seen by the public. Most depict happier times.

  • During a weekend at Camp David, the children spent time with their father. Caroline, who loved riding horses, was on a pony named "Tex."
  • It had been some time since small children had a father who occupied the White House Oval Office. The Kennedy years provided the country with many heart-warming scenes.
  • The children even had a chance to pay their father a "trick or treat" Halloween visit.
  • One of the most famous pictures of JFK with his young son was taken at Bailey's Beach in Newport, Rhode Island.
  • The country was captivated by a photograph of JFK Jr. playing with his mother's pearls.
  • Jackie was a huge hit in her television special on the White House.

Most Americans were proud of their President and his glamorous wife. Starting with his inauguration, and the still-famous  words of his Inaugural Address (this link takes you to a handwritten working draft while this is historical film footage of inaugural day), the country had grown to love its young President.

Forty-six on the day he went to Dallas, Kennedy was the youngest-elected U.S. Chief Executive.  He would soon be the youngest to die.

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