Captain Corelli's Mandolin - HITLER AND MUSSOLINI

In June of 1940, Benito Mussolini travels to Germany where he meets with Adolf Hitler. The two have joined their respective countries in the Axis Alliance (which includes Japan). This photo depicts a scene, in Munich, during Mussolini's June 1940 visit. Photo, recovered from Eva Braun's Photo Albums, online via the U.S. National Archives.


Italy fought on the side of the Allies during World War I. Not much credit had been given to the Italians for all their efforts. Benito Mussolini was enraged about that.

After the war, the former school teacher from Predappio developed a new political theory called "Fascism." Using ancient Rome's symbol of power - bound sticks called Fasces - Mussolini began to build his authority base.

By 1922, after Benito's "March on Rome," King Victor Emmanuel III took note of Mussolini's increasing popularity. He made the former school teacher head of the government.

Hitler, at the time, was still formulating his ideas. It would be more than a decade before he became head of the German government. When he did, he took the same name as Mussolini: Fuhrer means "leader" in German.

Effectively using the power of propaganda to influence young people, Mussolini's prominence grew. He wanted to attract people to the Fascist way of thinking. In 1929, with Cardinal Gasparri, he even signed the Lateran Treaty with the Catholic Church, thereby creating the Vatican State. The Pope (Pius XI at the time) was finally free to come and go at will.

Meanwhile, in Germany, Adolf Hitler's oratory had moved him closer to center stage. Twenty simultaneous fires in Berlin, including one at the Reichstag, gave the future dictator a reason to seize power in February, 1933. Assuring would-be subjects that he could provide the country with security, the former WWI foot soldier was soon the undisputed ruler.

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