Haka - All Blacks War Dance

Before each rugby match, the All Blacks of New Zealand perform the "Haka" - a traditional war dance of the country's Maori people.  In this clip, from 2004, the team performs the dance before a match with England.

We learn more about the "Haka," as performed by the All Blacks, from their official web site:

The centrality of the haka within All Black rugby tradition is not a recent development. Since the original "All Black" team of "New Zealand Natives" led by Joseph Warbrick the haka has been closely associated with New Zealand rugby. Its mystique has evolved along with the fierce determination, commitment and high level skill which has been the hallmark of New Zealand's National game.

The haka adds a unique component, derived from the indigenous Maori of New Zealand, and which aligns with the wider Polynesian cultures of the Pacific.

The All Blacks perform the haka with precision and intensity which underpin the All Black approach.

Media Credits

Clip featuring the All Blacks performing the "Haka," online courtesy the All Blacks.


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