Hard Tack - Sire of Seabiscuit

Hard Tack was the Sire of Seabiscuit

This image depicts a photograph of Hard Tack.  He was the sire (father) of Seabiscuit. 

Famously tempermental, Hard Tack could run very fast but wasn't always willing to perform.  Although he won both the Saranac and Knickerbocker Handicaps, in 1928, he once refused to leave the starting gate.  As other horses set out on the track, Hard Tack stood perfectly still:

At the starting gate before a race in 1931, he [Hard Tack] issued his declaration of independence.  When the starter banged the bell, Hard Tack rooted his hooves in the ground and stayed right where he was.  Fitzsimmons [his trainer] packed him up and shipped him back to owner Phipps.  (Seabiscuit:  An American Legend, by Laura Hillenbrand, at pages 36-37.)

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