Harriet Tubman: Freedom Fighter - Harriet Seeks Freedom

Harriet Tubman was 5'2"—she did not worry about her size. She worried about escaping slavery to gain her freedom. This image, of Tubman, appears in a Canadian documentary about her many achievements.


In 1844, at the "old"age of 24, Harriet married a black man named John Tubman. This is when she became known as "Harriet Tubman." 

The slaves on Harriet's plantation had heard rumors about an "Underground Railroad" where a slave could safely travel to a "free" state. Arriving safely in a free state, a person who was once a slave would thereafter be considered free. This was an interesting concept which Harriet pondered.

One night Harriet told her husband:

Let's try to escape North to a free state where we'll be true human beings.

John, however, disagreed with this idea. He reportedly answered:

You foolish woman! We have a good enough life here. Get that thought out of your mind.  If you try to escape, not only will I not go with you—I will turn you in!

Harriet witnessed two of her brothers and two of her sisters sold to other owners in the South.  Although they begged to remain with their families, Harriet's siblings were marched off in chains. Harriet heard that she was to be sold next.  She convinced two other brothers that the time was at hand to escape.  

Harriet knew that she needed to follow the North Star, and it would lead her to freedom. Although the siblings set-out together after dark, in the middle of the night her brothers lost their nerve. They convinvced Harriet to turn back.

The next day Harriet heard that she had, indeed, been sold. She decided it would be better to risk death than go further South as the slave of a new owner.  In the middle of that night, she slipped away and went directly to the home of a white woman whom she had heard might be able to help her.  

She had no way of knowing, however, that she had just entered the first "Station" on the Underground Railroad.

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