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Many lives were rough and tough in the 1800s. Lots of people were part of the change for the world today. One woman contributed more things than expected, and that women was Harriet Tubman. Also known as Minty, Harriet was born a slave and was later sold as a nursemaid for the Cook family.

Harriet Tubman was born on March, 1822 and died on March 10,1913. Harriet Tubman's parents were slaves and Harriet was separated from her family when she was just born. She fell into custody of Edward Brodas, who farmed crops and sold lumber. Harriet Tubman changed her name from Minty to Harriet in 1849 when she escaped. After her escape she met her husband, John Tubman. One night she told her husband about her idea to ride the underground railroad. He responded by telling her she was crazy and he would turn her in if she tried. But Harriet couldn't stay. She had already witnessed her brother and sisters taken away, she was sure she would be next.

That same night she was sold but wouldn't stay, for she would've rather died than stay there. Following the North Star, she found herself at the first station of the underground railroad. When she arrived, she knew she was never going back. She received a paper from a white lady for her route to the next "station" or safe house but unluckily for Harriet Tubman she could not read. Instead of reading the paper she followed the directions of the woman and took off to the station. 

When Harriet Tubman crossed into the free state of Pennsylvania, she had a feeling of relief and awe. Later on, Tubman made it her mission to rescue her family and others living in slavery. In December 1851, Tubman guided a group of 11 fugitives northward. There is evidence to suggest that the party stopped at the home of abolitionist and former slave Frederick Douglass. After her interaction with John Brown, the abolitionist, she became a spy for the Union Army.

After serving her country during the war, she married Nelson Davis and since she wasn't able to recieve a military retirement benefit, the government gave her a special pension. She lived in a retirement home in her later years. Harriet Tubman was a great woman role model to represent our country during a time of change. 

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