Hawaiian History Straight from the Islands! - Preface

Waikiki Beach 1958

"Waikiki Beach 1958", Photograph taken of Waikiki Beach facing Diamond Head Crater in 1958, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waikiki, Public Domain.

Ms. Sweeney, a 4th grade teacher at Waikiki Elementary, cultivated passionate interest in homegrown history with her students. Enjoy reading each student's discoveries in story form, each student's work is a chapter in this story. You will learn more about the Hawai'ian island nation, it's ancient people and current residents.

The students in Ms. Sweeney's 4th grade class during the 2014-2015 school year were presented with many images of events from the large span of Hawaiian history. While viewing and reflecting on the images they generated a question for each picture. The students then chose the question that they found most interesting. Each student conducted research to answer the question as well as other questions that came up pertaining to their self-selected topic.

Students researched, generated more questions, researched more, drafted an essay, revised with multiple peers, edited their essay, and typed a final draft. Once the work was in digital format they used AwesomeStoriies StoryMaker to create a chapter of this story. Each student searched for fair use images to best represent their essay and added the image to their chapters.


StoryMaker allowed the class to publish their work for the whole world to see. Students can share the link to their story with family here, on the mainland, in Japan, Taiwan and the outer-islands. Family and others can see student growth and proficiency in mastery of a good portion of the Social Studies standards with each individual topic. Students learned and mastered skills individually while also informing each other about the various 4th grade level content they learned. In this StoryMaker assignment, students were also working on mastery of many English Language Arts (ELA) standards encompassed in Reading for Information, conducting research, and writing an expository essay.

Enjoy learning with us and share comments on each page as they come to you! We look forward to learning about your unique state history from your school projects too!!

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