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After Henry VIII ordered the dissolution of England's monasteries, he took over the Palace of Whitehall in London.

To help him adorn his new home, the King wanted a mural which included himself, his then-wife Jane Seymour (the mother of Edward VI), his father (Henry VII) and his mother (Elizabeth of York).  The mural would adorn the King's privy chamber.

The King's painter - Hans Holbein - was commissioned to do the work (likely between 1536-7).  Many copies were made of it.

This portrait depicts Henry while he was in his 40s.  Scholars tell us that it is a flattering portrait, making the King look younger and healthier than he was at that time in his life.  The painter also apparently gave Henry longer legs than he really had.

The original portrait was destroyed by fire, at the Palace of Whitehall, in 1698.  This image depicts a copy of the original which is maintained at the Walker Gallery (in Liverpool England).  It was likely created by someone in Holbein's workshop.

The painting, depicted here, is an oil-on-canvas measuring 94.09 inches (2,390 mm) high and 52.95 (1,345 mm) wide.

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