Henry VIII in 1511 - Jousting at Westminster

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On the 12th of February, in 1511, Henry VIII held a jousting tournament at Westminster to celebrate the birth of his baby son. According to the "Letters and Papers of Henry VIII," for February of 1511, the King participated as Coeur Loyal (“Sir Loyal Heart”).

In this illustration of the event, by an unknown artist, Catherine of Aragon, the Queen and mother of the child—also named Henry—looks on from the stands.

Henry wears the letter “K” on his horse’s colors—since the Queen also spelled her name as “Katherine,” while living in Britain.

Although he enjoyed jousting, Henry VIII had serious accidents while participating in the sport. In 1524, he came close to death during a match. In 1536, he sustained such a bad injury to his leg that it never healed.

At the time of his 1536 injury, the King was married to Anne Boleyn. Riding his horse at a very fast pace, Henry fell and was unconscious for about two hours. Within a week, Anne miscarried the child she was carrying, attributing that unfortunate event to the worry she had about her husband’s recovery.

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