Herman Boone with the 1971 Titans

Herman Boone became head football coach for the Titans at T.C. Williams High School (in Alexandria, Virginia) during 1971. He was known as a tough coach who didn't spare words when working with his players.

During 1971, the Titans compiled an astonishing record under Boone's leadership:

  • 13 wins
  • 0 losses
  • 9 shutouts
  • A 357-45 scoring differential

The Washington Post ran a story about Coach Boone midway through the 1971 football season. It noted that he’d been one of North Carolina’s most-successful high-school football coaches before moving to Alexandria in 1969.

When asked whether affirmative action played a role in his promotion, to head the football program at TC, Boone said:

All I know is that if I were selected for this position solely on the basis of color, I would never have taken the job. I couldn't sleep at night.

As the Titans continued to win their games, during the 1971 season, the whole community got excited about the school's state-championship prospects. Coach Boone told the Post:

I get calls before each game from businessmen wishing us well. After a game, my phone doesn't stop ringing with people offering congratulations.

Boone didn’t always have a smooth relationship with his players, however. During the 1977 season, after a particularly upsetting loss, the Coach didn’t mince words about mistakes on the field. In protest, the whole team walked out of school, vowing not to resume play until Boone apologized. He did.

Herman Boone coached the Titans for a total of eight years.

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