Hexavalent Chromium Is A Known Carcinogen

Hexavalent chromium (or "Chrome VI") is a known carcinogen.

This PG&E warning sign was placed in the area of PG&E's compressor station—in the town of Hinkley, California—after the company began remediating the groundwater which was contaminated by a plume containing hexavalent chromium.

People and animals, in the area of the Hinkley compressor station, had been getting sick. At the time, no one realized what was causing the problems.

No warning signs, about hexavalent chromium, were in the Hinkley area until groundwater remediation began.

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Photo by Robert Gauthier on behalf of the Los Angeles Times. Copyright, Robert Gauthier, all rights reserved. Image used here as fair use for educational purposes.


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