Hindenburg - First Arrival in America

The Hindenburg, LZ-129, arrives at Lakehurst Naval Air Station during her first flight to America (on May 9, 1936). She is escorted by a U.S. Coast Guard Douglas RD-4 Spica (s/n V-125).

In the background, on the upper-right side of the picture, is another German-built Zeppelin—U.S. Navy airship USS Los Angeles (ZR-3). It was decommissioned at the time of this photo. 

All other air traffic had to stay clear when the Hindenburg approached the Lakehurst station. We learn more from the Coast Guard:

This photo shows D-LZ- 129 Hindenburg on its inaugural flight between Freidrichshafen and Lakehurst. Depicted in the photo is Coast Guard RD Spica.

The Coast Guard Magazine published a cropped version of this exact photo and included the following information in its caption: "A fleet of Coast Guard Amphibians took off from Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn, N.Y., to locate and escort the "VON HINDENBURG" [sic] to Lakehurst and to enforce the special Department of Commerce regulations requiring all private and commercial planes to keep clear. The ADHARA, piloted by Lieut. Wm. Schissler, with Calvin A. Chinnis, CRM, L. C. Smith, AMM1c sighted the Zeppelin and escorted her to Lakehurst accompanied by Amphibian SPICA, Lieut. Fahey, J. E. Coker, Radio Electrician; Lonnie Bridges, ACCM from Capt May Air Station; Amphibian CAPELLA, Lieut. Lyons; A. T. Cook, AMM1c; Leadbeater, RM1c and Joseph, AMM3c." Coast Guard Magazine, Vol. 9 (July, 1936), p. 4.

Original caption: "Coast Guard plane (Douglas) escorting the Von Hindenberg [sic] to a landing at Lakehurst, N.J."; no photo number; no officially listed date; photographer unknown.

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Media Credits

U.S. Coast Guard photo, by an unnamed photographer, online via the U.S. Coast Guard. Public Domain.


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