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Restored photograph of  Orville Wright's famous first airplane flight at Kitty Hawk, NC (North Carolina), December 17, 1903.  Image provided here as fair use for educational purposes. Online, courtesy Wright-house.com website. 


They done it! They done it!
Damned if they ain't flew!

Johnny Moore Kitty Hawk,
North Carolina
December 17, 1903

Wilbur Wright had an illness. By his own account, it was getting worse.

For some years I have been afflicted with the belief that flight is possible to man. My disease has increased in severity and I feel it will soon cost me an increased amount of money if not my life.

Thanks to Will Wright's disease, and the cure he and his brother invented, flying is now part of everyday life, and space travel is no longer a figment of a dreamer's wild imagination.

Who were these men who figured out how humans can fly? And who were the people who risked their lives to advance the concept of flight? They were the first aviation heroes. This is their story.

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