Hitler - Last Known Film Footage

In this clip, combining rare archival footage with recreated scenes, Hitler's cameraman films the Führer who keeps his left hand behind his back.  His voice is no longer strong, as reported by one of the Hitler Youth who survived the Soviet attack on Berlin. 

Historians believe the footage of Hitler greeting the young men, on his birthday, is the last-ever captured of Hitler outside the bunker.  It was filmed ten days before his suicide on April 30, 1945.

Following the failed assassination attempt at Wolf's Lair, Adolf Hitler had experienced worsening health problems.  Some historians believe he had Parkinson's Disease.  Rare archival film footage of Hitler talking about his arm, also included in this clip, may support that view. 

As the war in Europe neared its end, Adolf Hitler lived in his Berlin bunker.  On the 20th of April, 1945 - his birthday - he emerged to greet members of the "Hitler Youth."  It was a different setting than the German leader had experienced in prior years when huge parades had marked his special day.

Note the following scenes: 

1:08 - Destruction at Wolf's Lair;

2:33 - Hitler complains about his arm;

3:02 - Greeting young men on his last birthday, Hitler's voice is weak and his hand shakes;

4:39 - Surviving member of "Hitler's Youth" recalls what he observed when he met the Führer that day.

Media Credits

Historical film footage of Adolf Hitler included in this clip from The Secret Life of Adolf Hitler.  Online, courtesy Archive.org.


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