Holocaust Evidence - Summary

The Holocaust is a planned extermination of Jews, Gypsies, and political prisoners of the Third Reich. These people do not live up to Adolf Hitler’s vision of a “perfect race."

Many Germans blame these minorities for the country's problems. Despite eyewitness testimony, written and visual documentation—and other proof—there are those who say the Holocaust never happens. These “Holocaust Deniers” insist that the Holocaust is not real; that people could not commit these crimes. 

Adolf Hitler devises a “final solution” to erase the Jewish population from Europe. His Nazis decide to use Germany’s existing euthanasia program (which is used to kill mentally and physically handicapped Germans). They expand the program by adding gas chambers.

This Nazi plan to eliminate the Jewish people begins with evacuations of individuals from their homes and businesses, then leads to exterminations. Top-ranking Nazi officials are assured that their acts are not bad (and will be hidden from the world). 

Nazi death camp workers are sworn to secrecy and strict regulations guide them in hopes of hiding their actions. After World War II ends, the U.S. Army visits the death camps finding proof of the crimes, including videos, photographs and physical evidence.

This evidence is used at the Nuremberg Trials, where Nazi leaders are confronted with proof that atrocities really did occur. The Nuremberg Trials seek to bring the Nazis to justice. In spite of all these events, there are still Holocaust deniers who claim the atrocities never happened. 

Many primary source materials are available, proving that the Nazis planned to greatly damage the Jewish race. Photographs, audio/visual films, documents, eyewitness memoirs and testimony all support the proof of the Holocaust.

The Nazis also try to destroy evidence of the unspeakable crimes committed against the Jewish people, but they fail. To this day, people question the lack of involvement on the part of other counties, as well as the German people, to end the madness. After the war ends, German citizens are made to view the proof of the Nazi crimes. 

Hours of footage from the Nuremberg Trials lead fact-finders there to conclude that, beyond a reasonable doubt, these crimes were committed. Among the victims are countless innocent people.

In spite of the proof, there is still much controversy as to the truth. Many people refuse to believe that anyone could commit such inhuman acts. Others deny that a country could have ignored such goings-on.

Hitler’s plan to “cleanse” the world of “inferior races” is very much evidenced by documentation, yet there are those who still deny it ever happened. 

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