House Patrol in Vietnam

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Troops from “A” Company, 1st Air Cavalry, look for North Vietnamese saboteurs in the homes of South Vietnamese villagers.  It was difficult for the U.S. military to know who, among the Vietnamese people, opposed them and who did not.

Maintained at the U.S. National Archives, this picture has the following description:

Vietnam.  As the second phase of operation "Thayer," the 1st Air Cavalry Division (airmobile) is having operation"Irving" in the area 25 miles north of Qui Nhon which lies 400 miles north-northeast of Saigon.  The 1st Air Cavalry was given the mission of clearing a mountain range where an estimated two battalions of North Vietnam regulars were supposed to be massing an attack on Hammond Airstrip.  Troops of "A" Company, checking house during patrol. 10/06/1966.

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Online, courtesy U.S. National Archives.  ARC Identifier 530612.



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