How Difficult Is It for a Court to Decide Custody Issues?

When a court decides custody issues, in real life, it is not an easy matter. It is also not easy for Huck Finn when the sitting Judge issues his ruling on Huck’s custody.

Judge Thatcher and the Widow Douglas try to convince the court to give them custody over Huck, but the deciding Judge disagrees.  He doesn’t know about Pap’s past history and believes that Huck’s father should have custody over his son.

Do you agree with the Judge's decision?  Why, or why not?

The new Judge doesn't know about Mr. Finn's history and reputation.  Would it have made a difference, if he did?   Why, or why not?

After the new Judge takes Pap into his home, and tries to help him, Huck's father goes back to his old ways.  Why does that happen?

Once the new Judge realizes that the Widow Douglas and Judge Thatcher were right about Mr. Finn, and what is in Huck’s best interests, what should he do about Huck's custody?

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