How Do We Manage When Our Minds Blank-Out?

In times of extreme hardship, when our minds seem to blank-out, our brains “can’t register what your eyes are trying to tell you.”

This statement was the way a D-Day American soldier described the Normandy landings twenty-one years after they occurred.

It was a time when people were thrust into situations they could not really comprehend - when some soldiers drowned (or were shot) before they ever reached the Normandy shore.

Have you ever experienced a situation where your mind went blank and your brain seemed not to comprehend what your eyes were telling you? Explain your answer.

If you have never had such an experience, can you imagine a scenario where such a thing could happen? Would the event have to threaten your life, to produce such mind-blanking reactions, or are there other situations which could equally cause such an impact?

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