How Does Art Influence Our Perception of War?

While some soldiers use their guns, during battle, others use their art supplies to create drawings and paintings of fearsome scenes.

Photographs capture a moment in time, but artistic works can sometimes convey the drawn-out aspects of an event. Take, for example, a work by Alexander P. Russo which is featured in Chapter 8 of the “Normandy Invasion,” entitled “Digging In; Fighting On.”

The drawing, in the media stream of Chapter 8, is entitled “Asleep in Beach Fox Holes.”  Describe the work.

What was Russo trying to convey in this drawing?

What aspect of “Asleep in Beach Fox Holes” resonates the most with you? Explain your answer.

Media Credits

"Asleep in Beach Fox Holes," by Alexander P. Russo. Image online, courtesy Naval History & Heritage Command.


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