How Does Daring to Get Noticed Help Us Succeed?

Before Alexander Hamilton became a U.S. Founding Father, he was an orphaned teenager living on St. Croix. Then he wrote an essay which “got noticed,” and his whole life changed.

Had Hamilton not written his essay about hurricane-caused destruction on St. Croix, he likely would never have become the man he became. Does daring to get noticed by, among other things, publicly (and intelligently) expressing our opinions in writing, help us to succeed?

Hamilton was a teenager when he wrote, and published, his attention-getting essay. Do you think teenagers today are willing to express their written opinions in a public, adult-respected forum? Explain your answer.

After Hamilton published his essay, local leaders living in St. Croix were impressed by the teenager’s intelligence and used their financial resources to send him to a great school in pre-revolutionary America. Do you think such a thing is still possible in the 21st-century? Explain your answer.

To make it more likely that teenagers could reap such benefits, in the 21st century, what would young people have to do to get noticed?

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