How Does Forgiveness Make Us Feel Better?

Although he vowed never to return to Japan, as long as he lived, Louis Zamperini did return to the place where he had been a prisoner of war.

Among other things, Zamp wanted to meet with, and forgive, the men who had made his life extremely difficult at the POW camps.

He also wanted to meet with “The Bird,” but Watanabe - who was on the Allies’ “Most Wanted” list to stand trial for war crimes - was in hiding.

Zamperini did meet with many of the former guards, and he did forgive them.

Have you ever been wronged by someone whom you then forgave? Did forgiving that wrong, and that person, make you feel better?

Do you think that forgiveness is a gift? Why, or why not?

Do you think that forgiving his prior tormentors helped Zamperini, himself, to live a better life?  Explain your answer.

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