How the Game of Monopoly Saved Over 10,000 Soldiers - How Escape was Carried Out

The plan was so secret that not all the prisoners knew how the escape tools were being snuck into the camp.  They only knew that certain individuals had access to the tools they needed to escape.

Prisoners would wait until lights out at 10:00 pm, crawl to the wire fencing, cut through it, and then use the tiny compass to make their way to one of the safe places designated on the silk maps. They had to avoid open fields and stay hidden in the dense woods. The resistance connections at the safe houses supplied the escapee with items they needed to get back to their units.  These items included German clothing, a forged ID, and train schedules.

  After the tools were removed from the boards, all evidence of the game board was totally destroyed so the Germans would not find evidence.


Original Release: Nov 19, 2015

Updated Last Revision: Jun 02, 2016

1) War History, Monopoly in WWII, War History Online, Mar/12/2015, Sep/16/2015, www.warhistoryonline.com

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