UserGuide - How Story-Based Learning Works

AwesomeStories is an online-learning site, packed with rich and varied stories, supporting teachers and students in many subjects from 3rd grade, to college and beyond.


  • Chooses age-old stories, current events and 21st -entury media;
  • Researches context and presents organized relevant primary sources to fuel lessons;
  • Supports teachers; and
  • Maximizes student interest, achievement, enjoyment, retention, growth and career readiness.  

Teachers find stories to make lessons come alive. They discover sources to enrich instruction and students’ independent research—with confidence that the material is accurate and relevant.

Students follow a captivating story, learn the surprising details behind the story, delve deeper, see connections and achieve learning goals using AwesomeStories—all done with confidence in the accuracy of the sources.


  • Turns powerful stories into an effective 21st century learning model
  • Bridges highly produced and high-interest films to learning
  • Provides meticulously researched context, extensions and primary sources
  • Builds research, critical thinking and collaboration skills

Each captivating story links to relevant primary resources, building a rich context for the story, as well as enabling a story to support deeper study and cross-curricular instruction.

Teachers lead students through the resources in class or set students loose on AwesomeStories in, or outside, school. They are exploring in a safe, reliable, authentic research website to pursue the learning objectives independently—according to student level and teacher preference.

AwesomeStories provides solutions to these three urgent education challenges:

  • The Common Core standards challenge teachers to use more non-fiction information texts, to lead students in developing higher-order thinking skills, to enable reflection, integration, analysis, and evaluation.

  • Technology and media integration are now required by states, schools, and districts must show that their teachers know how to take advantage of technology and media in teaching.

  • Research is changing with the advent of the internet. Libraries and media specialists are working to help teachers and students to understand and meet standards.

Teachers and parents report that AwesomeStories is an excellent framework for teaching from intermediate-to-college levels.  AwesomeStories can be used to drive core curriculum and to meet the specific needs of ESL instruction, Special Education, Gifted and Talented, Home School and Career-Education programs.

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Author: Bond-Upson, Deborah 106stories and lessons created

Original Release: Feb 03, 2015

Updated Last Revision: Jul 16, 2019

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