How Will Future Generations See Our 21st-Century Personal Writings?

In the Middle Ages, books were filled with beautiful illuminations, sometimes created with gold and silver. When people sent each other letters, they were written by hand.

When future generations examine the books and ponder the archives that we have created, what will our endless pages of typewritten (or computer-printed) text tell them about us?

What will our lack of printed (let alone handmade) drawings and illuminations in books convey about how people learned in the 20th/21st centuries?

What will our lack of written notes and letters (in favor of quickly read, then tossed-out emails) convey about the emotions we feel for each other?

What written treasures, in short, are we creating for future generations to study and admire?

Are we depriving ourselves (and them) of important information about who we are?

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