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"Hula dancing", Hula dancer doing hula, http://siphonophora.tumblr.com/post/41375597059/there-is-a-chant-that-is-said-to-have-been-sung-by, Public Domain.

Did you know that the Hawaiian god and guardian of hula was Laka? Hula was a type of dance that was very special to the Hawaiians because hula was a symbol of Hawaiian culture and the beauty of Hawaii’s people and it means that the people was Hawaii’s flowers. In ancient times hula was performed for enjoyment and to tell stories. Then hula got dismantled because the missionaries didn’t let the Hawaiians do part of their culture. Then something good happened and that was that King Kalakaua freed hula. Also hula is still performed in modern times still. For now hula is still important right now.

Hula dancers did the hula for enjoyment and to tell stories. For example they did the hula to entertain the Hawaiians and to have enjoyment. Hula was performed also to welcome and honor other chiefs from the other Hawaiian Islands. The chief tells the dancers when to do the hula for example when other chiefs come and for stories/entertainment. Last hula was performed to honor the Hawaiian gods especially Laka. All together, hula was to honor the chiefs and gods that lived long ago.

Hula got dismantled so the Hawaiians don’t get the punishment that was probably death. The Hawaiians dismantled hula because when the missionaries came they said, “it wasn’t proper” to dance hula. Also the missionaries did some bad things like not doing hula so maybe the Hawaiians just went with it, maybe the punishment was death so they just went with it. Later King Kalakaua came and he gave a speech that hula would be performed again. After King Kalakaua died, hula was still performed and wasn’t banned. Hula was dismantled until King Kalakaua came.

Hula is performed in modern time still. Hula dancing is an ancient dance and modern dance to divide traditions. Many ancient chants and dances were kept alive within families so the chants and dances were not lost forever. The hula dancers in modern times still worship the gods as the ancient hula dancers. Modern hula is similar to ancient hula because they both worship the gods. Modern hula and ancient hula are still important right now and years ago.

Hula was a special dance to worship the chiefs and Hawaiian gods. Hula was performed for enjoyment and telling stories. Hula got dismantled until king Kalakaua came to free hula. Now hula is back and is performed in modern times. Overall, hula is still being enjoyed and performed.          

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