Hunger Games - Life in the Seam

Life in the Seam, an extremely poor area of District 12, has always been hard.  The film version of The Hunger Games makes that point by using the abandoned town of Henry River Mill Village to serve as the Seam.

Although Henry River was a mill (not a coal) town - where people lived in company houses, shopped at the company store and worked at the company mill - there are many parallels between the this actual village and the fictional Seam. 

This video clip allows us to meet some of those real people and to view how they lived their lives before the textile jobs went overseas, the mill closed and the people had to figure-out how to rebuild their lives.


Media Credits

Video compilation of Henry River Mill Village people and places uploaded by CountryLineTrailBoss at YouTube.  Soundtrack - "Millworker" - by James Taylor from his 1979 album, "Flag."

More information is available about this video and about Henry River Mill Village (which is featured in a new book, released in 2012):

A video honoring the days gone by in Henry River Mill Village, North Carolina. The now abandoned town which recently served as a set for the upcoming Hunger Games movie is filled with memories and blackberries and serves as an important piece of the history of the textile industry.  Photographs have been contributed by some of the many families that resided in the village.  Overlaying the photographs, Nicole Hefner Callihan reads an excerpt from a forthcoming book while co-author Ruby Young Keller offers her memories of growing up "on the hill." The book will be available from Arcadia Press in the spring of 2012.


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