How Italy Was Unified - ITALY and RISORGIMENTO

Giuseppe Mazzini—the man who is sometimes called the "soul" of Italy's unification—wanted his country to be a republic once it was unified. Although that did not happen initially, today Italy is a republic. This image depicts the country's national emblem. It is online via the website of the President of the Italian Republic.


Italian sources of history tell us that most people living in Italy, during the 19th century, did not speak the same language. Instead, people spoke the language, or dialect, of the region in which they lived.

As for common customs, throughout the Italian peninsula, people living in the north adopted the customs of their local or foreign rulers. The same was true for people in the south.

Despite these differences ... by the early part of the 19th century, people throughout Italy began to think about uniting the Italian peninsula into one country. This period of time, in the life of Italy, is known by the Italian word Risorgimento .

Literally translated into English, that word—Risorgimento—means “resurrection.” In this context, “resurrection” means that Italy, as a country, would “rise again”—that it would undergo a “renewal” or a “renaissance.”

Wanting more rights, for themselves and their fellow Italians, various political-activist groups coalesced—during the 1830s—into a group known as “Young Italy.” Their leader was a charismatic chap called Giuseppe Mazzini.

Mazzini didn’t just want a unified Italy. He wanted a new Italian state . He wanted this new Italian state to be a republic . (Remember that Ancient Rome had been a republic.)

Believing that such reforms would not be possible by negotiation alone, with foreign rulers inhabiting Italy, Mazzini advocated for revolution.

It was time, he said, to oust any and all foreigners who controlled any part of the Italian peninsula.

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