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In 1954, a group of climbers on Chile's El Plomo Mountain found the mummy of a young Inca boy. Experts believe the child was given to Inca gods as a human sacrifice. 

In Spanish, he is known as La Momia del Cerro El Plomo ("The Mummy of El Plomo Peak").

Conditions on the mountain, including its extremely cold and dry air, helped to keep-away the microbes which normally cause bodies to deteriorate.  NOVA describes the mummified remains:

He has delicate fingers and hugs his knees, one foot over the other, as if to keep warm. His hair is plaited in more than 200 braids, and miniature idols and keepsakes accompany him in his frozen tomb. 

Dead for 500 years, this Inca sacrificial mummy found on Chile's El Plomo Peak has opened the door to further inquiry into the strange and mysterious ritual life of the Inca.

After examining the remains, forensic experts determined that the child had Type O blood (among other things).

Here are some questions to ponder about this child mummy:

Do you think it is respectful, or disrespectful, to study this child's remains?

If you think it is disrespectful, is there any beneficial reason, you can think of, that would outweigh your concerns?

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Image online, courtesy National Museum of Natural History in Santiago, Chile.


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