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Inca women wore beautiful costumes.  In the 16th century, Spanish invaders reported this fact.  In 1553, for example, Pedro de Cieza de Léon wrote:

The dress of the ladies of Cuzco [the Inca capital city] is the most graceful and rich that has been seen up to this time in all the Indies.

Dr. Johan Reinhard tells us that the "summit mummy," which he and his team discovered, was also beautifully dressed:

She was wrapped in a dress, or aksu [see page 270 of Anne Tiballi's doctoral dissertation, "Imperial Subjectivities:   The Archaeological Materials from the Cemetery of the Sacrificed Women, Pachacamac, Peru," for an aksu description] in Peru's Quechua language, and encircled by a chumpi, or belt [see Tiballi, page 280].  Her lliclla, or shawl [see Tiballi, page 275], was fastened with a silver tupu, or pin.

...Leather slippers covered her feet, but her head was bare.  Perhaps the fall from her grave tore off a headdress similar to that worn by the second mummy found. 

For more details, see "Peru Ice Maidens," by Dr. Reinhard. (Scroll down about 55% on the link for "Peru Ice Maidens" to see the above image in much-better detail.)

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