Indominus Rex

Indominus Rex Dystopia or Science Fiction Film

Meet Indominus rex—a lab-produced, hybrid dinosaur with some unbelievably scary traits!

Created to bolster sagging ticket sales at the Jurassic World theme park, I. rex was created from the DNA of four different dinosaurs:

  • Rugops;
  • Carnotaurus;
  • Giganotosaurus; and
  • Majungasaurus.

Let's examine some features of I. rex:

  • What does Indominus rex mean?  Untamable or Fierce King. In other words ... indomitable!
  • How long is Indominus rex?  About 40 feet (and growing).
  • Where was Indominus rex born? In the Hammond Creation Lab (because it is a genetically engineered creature).
  • Where does Indominus rex live?  At Jurassic World.
  • How much does I. rex weigh? Uncertain, but it’s a lot!
  • How loud is its roar?  Between 140-160 decibels (or like the sound of a 747 taking off/landing).
  • How fast can it run? At least 30 miles per hour, in an enclosed space.

When she breaks free from her paddock, the dinosaur with the combined-DNA reminds us of an old adage:

It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature!

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