Investigation Report Summary - Prohibition Press Release

Whoever wrote this draft press release can barely contain his glee at the prospect of indictments coming down against high-ranking officials.  The memo concerns a federal investigation into alcoholic-beverage smuggling extending from Cleveland to Tacoma, Washington during the Prohibition era..

Of note are these two paragraphs:

Upon whom the blow may fall of course will remain a mystery until the indictments are handed out but while agents of the government decline to commit themselves, it is learned from sources considered reliable that the list of men facing long terms in the federal penitentiary will prove astounding.

Reaching its tentacles into the most unexpected places, the octopus of conspiracy is said to involve both the high and the low - the public employee, the moonshiner, the bootlegger, the speak easy and the runner.

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Media Credits

Image online, courtesy U.S. National Archives.  ARC Identifier:  298483   



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