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"Iolani Palace ", 2011 view of palace, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%CA%BBIolani_Palace, Public Domain.

Iolani Palace was one of the first places to have electricity even before the white house. This palace was home to many Hawaiian monarchs. What I talk about in this essay is Iolani palace’s looks, building process, and finally its history.

Iolani palace is very modern nowadays, and Iolani palace is also very beautiful. One example is that the throne is covered in crimson and gold. In addition, King Kalakaua decorated his palace from his travels. When you first enter the palace, you will see is a big and long staircase that’s made out of Koa wood. Overall, Iolani Palace is nice, modern, and beautiful nowadays.

Iolani palace was built in 1882 by “Maitok ekuan’a.”The palace was started in 1877 and was finished in 1882. Iolani Palace had many different stages of being built. When Iolani Palace was built it took millions of dollars. And it took a very long time.

The history of the palace was long but over time it’s history stopped. Iolani palace is still standing today. The Monarchs that lived there have paintings in the entrance of Iolani palace. Queen Liliuokalani was the last monarch to live in Iolani palace. Iolani Palace was lived in a long ago since the Hawaiian monarchs ruled from the 1800’s to the 1900’s.

Iolani Palace is modern pretty and beautiful. Iolani Palace took a very long time to be built and it took millions of dollars to build it. Iolani Palace’s history changed rapidly over time from when King Kalakaua died and queen Lili’uokalani lived in the palace. Overall, this palace has gone through many things like being rebuilt, remodeled and many other things.

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