Ireland - Six Northern Counties

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In the 17th century, Ulster Plantation was established in the northern part of Ireland.  This map depicts the area of that plantation.

The process of settling the Ulster Plantation wasn't just important in the 17th century.  It remains important today because it helps us to understand why there is an "Ireland" and a "Northern Ireland."

In other words ... the partition of Ireland into separate countries, the "Time of Troubles" and the Irish Civil War all have attachment points to this map and what happened in the 17th century.

To understand more about it, R. J. Hunter - a retired historian from the University of Ulster - explains the Ulster Plantation and its past-and-present impact on Ireland and the Irish people.

Note that some parts of the former Ulster Plantation - Donegal and Monaghan - are part of the Republic of Ireland.

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Map image online, courtesy Emigrations to Ulster.



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