Is It Possible for Fear to Dominate the Universe?

In the Nobel Lecture which Elie Wiesel gave on the 11th of December, 1986, he makes this observation about the Holocaust years:

Fear dominated the universe. Indeed this was another universe; the very laws of nature had been transformed.

Do you think it is possible for fear to dominate the universe? Why, or why not?

Do you think fear actually  “dominated the universe” during the time of the Holocaust—or—do you think it seemed  that way to the people who were enduring its horrifying impact? Is there a difference? If so, should there be?

Has fear ever dominated your universe? If so, what were the circumstances? Was anyone aware that fear was dominating your universe? If so, what—if anything—did that person (or persons) do to help you?

What does Wiesel mean when he says: “Indeed this was another universe?” Is he saying that fear was so overwhelming, and the evil around him was so pervasive, that it seemed like “another universe” had come into being? Explain your answer.

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