Is There Such a Thing As No Other Choice?

With Hitler occupying France, the Allies believe they have no other choice but to undertake an extremely dangerous invasion beginning with the Normandy coast.

Two deadly events have already resulted from attempted cross-channel invasions. Dunkerque (in 1940) and Dieppe (in 1942) were disasters for many men who died there, in Northern France.

However, if the Allies do not mount an invasion, to tumble Hitler’s “Atlantic Wall,” the war in Europe will likely drag on. Despite the risks and the dangers, the Allies decide to move forward with an invasion of Normandy.

Did the Allies have a choice to invade, or not invade, Normandy? Explain your answer.

Do you think there is ever such a thing as “no other choice?” Why, or why not?

Have you ever faced a situation where you had “no other choice” but to do something you really didn’t want to do? How did it turn out?

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