Isaac's Storm - Deadliest Disaster in U.S. History

In 1900, Galveston was one of the fastest-growing cities in America.  But on September 8, 1900 everything changed for the Texas town (and island). 

As a category-4 hurricane made landfall, the Gulf of Mexico temporarily covered homes, businesses, churches and everything else in Galveston.  It remains America's worst natural disaster.

At the center of this story is Isaac Cline, an employee of the newly created U.S. Weather Bureau.  Forecasts by this agency were notoriously wrong - none worse than hurricane predictions for September 8-9, 1900. 

Isaac's predictions negatively impacted his own family during the Great Storm of 1900.  His wife was among the thousands of people who died in the disaster.

This clip provides a glimpse into a documentary about Isaac Cline and the Great Storm of 1900, produced by the History Channel.  The entire documentary is available for purchase or online streaming.

Media Credits

Great Disasters - Galveston Hurricane of 1900: Isaac's Storm (previously broadcast on the History Channel) is based on the book, Isaac's Storm, by Erik Larson. It includes historical footage, recreations and interviews (with Larson and descendants of survivors).  Copyright, History Channel, all rights reserved. The clip is provided here as fair use for educational purposes and to acquaint new viewers with the documentary.


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