Ivan the Terrible - Closing Scene, Part 1

This clip, from Sergei Eisenstein's film Ivan Grozny (Ivan the Terrible), is the closing scene of Part 1.  The Tsar, in mourning for his wife who died from poisoning, has left Moscow having questioned (among other things) his own ability to rule. 

When the people summon him to return, as they do here, Ivan believes he now has absolute power to rule Russia (as bestowed on him by the will of the people).

Eisenstein planned to release his film in three parts.  Part 1 was released in 1944; Part 2 (delayed due to censorship issues) was released in 1958; Part 3 was never released because Eisenstein died before filming began.


Media Credits

Scene from Sergei Eisenstein's film, Ivan Grozny (Ivan the Terrible), Part 1.

Writer, producer, director - Sergei Eisenstein

Nikolai Cherkasov as Ivan IV

Music - Sergei Prokofiev

Release Dates, Part 1:
Soviet Union - December 30, 1944
USA - March 8, 1947

Length - 99 minutes, Part 1


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