Jack the Ripper - JACK THE RIPPER

This image depicts what is believed to be a contemporary drawing of Catherine ("Kate") Eddowes. She was massively damaged by a murderer who came to be called "Jack the Ripper."


Although he had a mere nine minutes to murder and mutilate his next victim, Jack the Ripper was gone from Mitre Square when Police Constable Watkins discovered Kate’s body. No one had heard a sound.

Dr. Frederick Brown was called to the scene. At the inquest, he described what he found:

There was great disfigurement of the face. The throat was cut across. Below the cut was a neckerchief. The upper part of the dress had been torn open. The body had been mutilated and was quite warm - no rigor mortis...There were no stains of blood on the bricks or pavement around.

The cause of death, according to Dr. Phillips, was:

...haemorrhage from the throat. Death must have been immediate.

Jack the Ripper earned his name the night he killed Kate Eddowes. (WARNING! These links will take you to police photos of Kate Eddowes after her death. They are extremely gruesome.) By the next day, people in London were reading about the horrific injuries he inflicted on his victim after he ended her life.

It was said, at the time, that whoever killed her had to possess significant medical knowledge.

If the story uncovered by Stephen Knight and further researched by Alan Moore is true, Kate Eddowes died because she called herself Mary Kelly. The real Mary Kelly (also known as Marie Jeanette Kelly) had less than six weeks to live.

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