Nearly 500 years after her death, the Church canonized Joan of Arc. One year later (on May 9, 1920), Pope Benedict XV declared her a saint of the Catholic Church.

Joan of Arc still fascinates us. During World War II, the governments of America and Britain used her as a means to sell war bonds. She is the subject of statues, books, radio--plays, movies and music.

One of the most famous movies about the French heroine - The Passion of Joan of Arc - was made in 1928. Critics have always described that silent film about the heresy trial, starring Maria Falconetti, in glowing terms. Pauline Kael said:

It may be the finest performance ever recorded on film.

Even if you cannot read the French intertitles, you will be greatly moved by Falconetti's performance.

Legends - like Joan of Arc - are often shrouded with mystery. Not much reamins, except the stories. Now, nearly six centuries after her death, there has been an amazing discovery. It appears that Joan's battle armor has been found.

Evidence supporting the legitimacy of the claim seems persuasive.

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