This illumination, created by an anonymous artist around 1484, is an artistic interpretation of Joan of Arc who has just met the Dauphin (soon to be crowned Charles VII) at Chinon. The work is included in The Vigils of Charles VII, manuscript of Martial d'Auvergne, circa 1484, BnF, French Manuscript 5054, illuminated folio 55 verso. The image is online via Gallica Digital Library (at the BnF) and Wikimedia Commons.


Later, Joan returned to Vaucouleurs where she described details of a battle Charles VII had lost at Orleans. Because Joan knew so many accurate details about an event she had not witnessed, Robert of Baudricourt began to believe her. Joan had convinced the commander that she should speak to the dauphin.

Dressed (for the first time) in soldier's clothes, she went to Chinon where Charles had his court. It took Joan and her escorts eleven days to make the trip.

Charles and his advisors debated whether Joan should even be allowed to meet with him. Several courtiers thought she might be insane.

When she was given an audience, Joan picked the Dauphin out of the group, even though she had never seen him before. She picked Charles even though the courtiers had dressed another man in royal clothes, so Joan would think he was the dauphin.

According to reports, Joan convinced Charles her mission was legitimate when she revealed secrets known only to him and to God.

To be sure he was not making a mistake with this teenager, Charles sent Joan to the University at Poitiers. After theological examination and analysis, the "experts" determined Joan was neither insane nor a witch.

The dauphin gave Joan a suit of armor so she could lead his troops. The first battle would be Orleans, where the English had laid siege to the city.

Before she went into battle, Joan sent a letter to the King of England, warning him to lift the siege. Because she could neither read nor write,  Joan's letter (dated March 22, 1429) was prepared at her direction. 

Joan also prayed, before she went into battle.  She believed, after all, that she was doing God's will. 

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