Joan of Arc was captured by the Burgundians (outside the city walls of Compiegne) on May 24, 1430. James William Edmund Doyle—a British artist and the uncle of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes—produced this artistic interpretation of that event. Doyle released his work—“Capture of the Maid at Compiegne”—in 1864, as part of A Chronicle of England, B.C. 55 – A.D. 1485. The engraver of this work was Edmund Evans. Online via Wikimedia Commons.


After Charles became king, he and Joan disagreed on future strategy regarding the English and their allies, the Burgundians. Charles VII wanted to negotiate. Joan wanted to fight.

Unfortunately, "The Maid of Orleans" began to lose some of her battles. In the spring of 1430, she was trapped.

While most of the townspeople were safely inside the walls of Compiegne, a town near Paris, Joan remained outside the walls, fighting. Forced to raise the drawbridge to protect the people from the enemy, the officials of Compiegne unwittingly left Joan unprotected.

She was captured by the Burgundians on May 24, 1430.

Frenchmen (albeit Burgundians) set in motion the events that led to Joan's trial and death. Jean de Luxembourg (scroll down to the fourth picture), despite pleas from his wife, sold Joan of Arc to the English for 10,000 gold livres and an annuity. Joan was ultimately taken to the English-controlled town of Rouen where she was shackled to the wall of a dungeon.

The English had lost more than their pride because of Joan of Arc. They could not believe a mere girl could do what Joan did. She must have been "possessed."

If the English losses had been caused by witchcraft, the English would have a "reason" for their defeats. If Joan were a witch, she would have to stand trial for heresy.

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