Jacobo Timerman: The Conscience of a Nation - Jacobo, the Journalist

In 1950, Jacobo Timerman was hired as a journalist for an international newspaper.  With his very first paycheck, he invited ten of the most influential politicians to lunch.  No journalist in Argentina had ever done anything like that before.  

He continued to meet important people in Argentina and collected much information for his newspaper.  He was promoted and became the writer of the leading political column in Argentina.  

His reputation grew. and he became well-known.  He produced the first televised news show in Argentina where he moderated discussions with other journalists.  He also founded two weekly magazines and soon became the best-known journalist in all of Argentina.

In 1971, Jacobo started his own daily newspaper, La Opinion.  He prided himself that this newspaper wrote about daily events in his country in language that even the common man could understand. La Opinion quickly became the most-read newspaper in Argentina.

By this time, Jacobo had married and had three sons.  Once he lived in a one-room house, but now he owned a major newspaper, two weekly magazines, a book publishing house and a beautiful building housing all his offices and printing presses.  However, even though he was so successful, he kept fighting for the cause to end violence and fascism in the world--and particularly in Argentina.

He reported on all the political violence that was occuring as the government and the military fought each other for control of the country.  Over the next few years, power shifted back and forth between the politicians and the military—but in 1966 the military came to power for the next seven years.

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