Jesus and the Disciples - by Caravaggio

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The original painting, depicted in this image, was destroyed during World War II. Caravaggio created it, circa 1604-1605, and it was formerly owned (among others) by the Kaiser-Friedrich-Museum in Berlin. 

What we know about the painting itself comes to us via black-and-white photographs.  It was an oil-on-canvas which measured 154 x 222 cm (60.63 x 87.40 inches)

The Web Gallery of Art tells us more about the work itself:

The painting was destroyed in the Second World War, it is known to us today through extant black and white photographs.

This was a wonderful composition that caught the instant in which Christ awakes the sleeping apostles. The construction of the scene descends toward the lower right corner.

St Peter in particular is shown in a classical position (which has been called Carracci-like), with the containment that characterizes this moment in the artist's career.

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Image, described above, online courtesy Web Gallery of Art.



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