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John W. Henry is the principal owner of the Boston Red Sox (since 2002) and of the Liverpool Football Club (since 2010). 

Born in Quincy, Illinois - on the 13th of September, 1949 - he was the son of farmers who moved their family to California (when John was 15) to improve their son's health.  (John Henry has asthma.)

After experimenting with trading corn and soybean futures, John Henry spent time learning the business and opened his own company - John W. Henry & Company, Inc., in 1981.  When the business proved to be very successful, JWH expanded his investment interests in the sports world.

Believing that the sabermetrics approach would help his new team - which hadn't won the World Series since 1918 - John Henry asked Billy Beane to become general manager of the Boston Red Sox after Oakland's 2002 season.  Beane initially accepted, then declined, the offer.

This photo depicts John Henry in 2007.

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Image of John W. Henry, online courtesy the Boston Red Sox.


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