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When John Nash was only 19 years old, his Professor at Carnegie Institute of Technology recommended him to the Math Department at Princeton by calling him "a mathematical genius."

This image depicts the letter which Professor Richard J. Duffin signed on February 11, 1948. It says:

Dear Professor Lefschetz:

This is to recommend Mr. John F. Nash, Jr. who has applied for entrance to the graduate college at Princeton.

Mr. Nash is nineteen years old and is graduating from Carnegie Tech in June. He is a mathematical genius.

Yours sincerely,

Richard J. Duffin

The professor at Princeton, to whom Duffin wrote, was Solomon Lefschetz. Among many things, he was famous—according to his students—for something unusual in a math prof:

He never gave an incorrect result or a correct proof.

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Image of letter, described above, online via Princeton University.


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