Juan Pajota and the Great Raid

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Juan Pajota - a Filipino Captain - was indispensably important to the Cabanatuan raid.  Among other things, he contributed two brilliant ideas which helped the raid to be successful:

  • He suggested an overhead diversion to distract the Japanese Cabanatuan guards.  A P-61 “Black Widow” performed that role flawlessly.
  • He suggested carabao carts - local Filipino carts pulled by water buffalo - to carry hundreds of emaciated prisoners to safety.  It was the only way to help 512 starving, unwell people to travel a distance of 30 miles after leaving the prison camp.

As planned, local villagers were waiting at the Pampanga River - about a mile from the camp - when the newly freed prisoners arrived.  Five to a cart, they were carried away from the nightmare they’d experienced for so many years.

This image depicts Captain Pajota (on the left) with some of his guerillas.

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Image online, courtesy U.S. National Archives.



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